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Have you ever stayed at an RV resort or campground? If so, you probably know that there are plenty of things to do once you’re there. Whether you’re using the grounds as home base while traveling in your RV or just want to stay put and make it your vacation spot, this list of eight favorite activities will give you plenty of ideas on how to fill up your time and enjoy yourself!


1) Go Hiking

Hiking is one of the best and most popular activities you can do while staying in an RV resort. Most parks have a network of hiking trails that are easy, moderate, and challenging. Hikes are typically around two miles long so it’s something you can squeeze in on a day trip if your schedule doesn’t allow for anything longer. Plus, it’s an excellent way to explore the natural beauty of the area where you’re staying.


2) Take a Bike Ride

Riding bikes is one of the best ways to explore a new place, and with long-distance biking options coming back in style, it’s not just for kids. You don’t have to be Lance Armstrong either. Biking can be a great way for you and your family to get some exercise while exploring the area around your campground. Some parks offer bike rental services so you won’t need to bring your own bike along on the trip. Bike paths are also common in many resorts, so all types of bikers can take advantage.


3) Get Involved in a Game of volleyball

Volleyball is a fun outdoor activity that everyone can play. It’s great for people of all ages and abilities, and the rules are easy to follow. One of the best things about volleyball is that it can be played on any surface, so you don’t need a court! If you’re looking for some friendly competition, start up a game with your friends or neighbors. Just make sure everyone knows the basic rules before starting, otherwise you might end up with some angry campers.


4) Play Cornhole

Cornhole is a great activity for the whole family, and it’s one of the most popular games played in resorts and campgrounds. Cornhole is also a game that can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels. It’s easy enough for kids to play, but challenging enough for adults. There are many variations on cornhole rules, so when you’re playing make sure you know what version of the game you’re playing before making any bets!


5) Go Swimming

A favorite activity for many campers is to go swimming. Whether you’re traveling with kids, other adults, or a combination of the two, there are lots of fun and interesting ways to enjoy a day by the water. One idea is to find a little secluded spot where you can sunbathe in peace while others swim nearby.

If you have your own boat, it’s also fun and easy to take it out into the water and spend some time on the lake. If you don’t have your own boat, most resorts offer kayaks or paddle boards that you can use for free! And if all of that is still not enough for your adventurous spirit, try renting a jet ski from one of the many vendors at the resort and take off on your very own aquatic adventure!


6) Make S’mores

S’mores are a favorite campfire snack of many, and they’re easy to make. To make them, gather up some graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. Place one graham cracker on a piece of aluminum foil large enough to fold over the top. Spread a spoonful of chocolate over the surface of the cracker.

Add two marshmallows and then place another graham cracker on top, with the chocolate facing up towards you. Fold the aluminum foil over the top and seal it shut so that it is airtight. Put your s’more in the fire for about 45 seconds (long enough for both marshmallows to melt), then remove it from the fire with tongs and eat!


7) Take a Hayride

Hayrides are a popular activity at many campgrounds. They’re usually available for a small fee, and can be done any time of the year. Hayrides are especially fun during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Go on a hayride with your family and enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery!


8) Participate in a Sing-Along

One of the best things about being in a campground is getting together with other people who love camping and doing all the activities that come with it. One of my favorite campground activities is a sing-along. Whether it’s karaoke, singing around the campfire, or just belting out tunes while you’re driving down the road, singing is one of life’s great joys.

Now, I’m not a professional musician by any stretch of the imagination, but I know plenty of songs and I can carry a tune if someone helps me find it. Singing around a campfire just feels like so much fun. There are some songs for every occasion: happy songs, sad songs, fast songs and slow ones too. Sometimes we’ll even try something new!



We hope this list of favorite activities helps you get excited about visiting your next RV resort or campground. These are just a few of the many things that people love doing while they’re on vacation. So, be sure to pack your bags and head out for some fun in the sun!

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